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The 7th Shandong Animal Husbandry and feed industry exhibition 2015

2015 seventh session of Shandong province animal husbandry and feed industry expo

Exhibition time: April 26-28, 2015 Venue: Linyi mall Exhibition Center

Organizer: Shandong Animal Husbandry Association
Organizer: Linyi new modern advertising media Co., Ltd
Exhibition time: April 26-28, 2015
Venue: Linyi mall Exhibition Center
Address: Linyi mall Exhibition Center

1 Introduction to the exhibition
Shandong Animal Husbandry and feed industry exhibition has been successfully held in Linyi for six times. In the past six sessions, a total of 2608 well-known animal husbandry enterprises and more than 200000 visitors came to visit and purchase. The total exhibition area is more than 110000 square meters, and the total transaction value of the exhibition is 5.9 billion yuan. It has effectively strengthened the exchange and cooperation of animal husbandry industry in our province, and also provided the animal husbandry industry of our province with more than 200000 visitors The healthy development of the industry has made outstanding contributions. Linyi, the capital of logistics in China, an excellent tourist city in China and a strong animal husbandry city in China, is an important basic guarantee for the successful holding of the animal husbandry exhibition. "The 7th Shandong Animal Husbandry and feed industry exhibition 2015", the organizers will not only make use of the previous successful experience and rich exhibition resources, but also further increase the advertising and invitation of merchants to call on the vast number of animal husbandry dealers and large-scale farms in Shandong and Jiangsu provinces to gather together to discuss the development plan of the industry. It is believed that with the careful planning and efforts of the organizers and the active cooperation of relevant units and industry personages, this exhibition will be a grand meeting that you are satisfied with and highly appreciated.
2? Market advantages

Shandong Province, as the largest animal husbandry province in China, plays an important role in China, and Linyi is the largest city of animal husbandry in Shandong Province. All kinds of livestock, poultry, meat, eggs, milk and other production indicators all rank first in the province. Relying on the huge animal husbandry production base, it is the best opportunity for each exhibitor to obtain market information and find merchants.

3 Media publicity unit
 Shandong TV station  Linyi TV station  China Poultry Industry Guide  Northern animal husbandry newspaper  Qilu animal husbandry newspaper

Shandong TV, Linyi TV, China poultry industry guide, northern animal husbandry news, Qilu animal husbandry news, China feed industry information network, China GMP veterinary drug network, and China animal husbandry network

China pig e network, China veterinary medicine 114 network, 35941 veterinary drug network, China poultry network, China animal husbandry information network, Shandong animal husbandry information network, animal husbandry talent network, modern animal husbandry and veterinary medicine

China animal husbandry and veterinary daily feed Expo, Chinese veterinary medicine market guide, China breeding equipment network and other more than 200 industry media

4 Schedule

24-25 April 2015

26-28 April 2015


16:00 on April 28, 2015

5? Exhibition scope

1. Exhibition area of high-tech achievements: new products, new inventions and new technologies of major animal husbandry research institutions, scientific research institutions and animal husbandry industry, achievements exhibition of animal husbandry bureaus of various cities in Shandong Province, etc;
? 2. Feed industry: feed raw materials, formulated feed, concentrated feed, premixed feed, feed additive, special feed, etc
? 3. Veterinary drugs and animal health products: biological products such as raw materials of veterinary drugs, drug additives, vaccines and diagnostic reagents of livestock and poultry; prevention and control technology of animal diseases, livestock and poultry fishery drugs, animal health products, etc;
? 4. Livestock and poultry breeding industry: breeding livestock and poultry farms, breeding of improved breeds of breeding livestock and poultry, breeding technology, processing and manufacturing products of various livestock and poultry, etc;
? 5. Pets: pet breeds, pet breeding, pet food and its supplies, appliances, etc;
? 6. Animal husbandry machinery: feed, additive processing equipment and its accessories; dairy processing and fresh-keeping equipment, packaging machinery and related products; incubation and breeding equipment; veterinary drug production equipment, veterinary equipment; Equipment for sowing, harvesting, processing and storage of forage; industrialized breeding equipment; equipment for slaughtering, processing, preservation and packaging of livestock and poultry and aquatic products; water quality detection and analysis instruments, feed product quality testing instruments and equipment; microcomputer control system and software and hardware;
? 7. Related media: all kinds of animal husbandry, aquatic products, animal health professional websites, professional books, magazines, newspapers;

six ? On site activities

1. 2015 Shandong feed enterprise development high level Forum:

2. Main avian disease epidemic dynamic forum in 2015;

3. Lecture on how to improve the health level of sows and piglets;

4. 2015 modern training courses for pig, chicken, duck and cattle raising in Shandong Province;

? Awards

a. The conference awarded the "best selling product award of the 7th Shandong Animal Husbandry and feed industry exhibition 2015".

b. This conference awarded the outstanding contribution award of the 7th Shandong Animal Husbandry and feed industry exhibition in 2015.

c. The conference named "2015 the 7th Shandong Animal Husbandry and feed industry expo top 10 star enterprises".

7? Exhibition expenses
? International standard booth 3M 3M 3500 yuan / piece
? International standard booth (double opening) 4000 yuan / piece
? Special booth: 320 yuan / m2 (from 36 m2)
8? Advertising expenses
Advertisement On The Journal Print advertisement
Back cover Front cover Color page Exhibition card (exclusive) admission ticket Hand strap Visit card (exclusive) Black and white pages

8000 / page 6000 / page 3000 / page 10000 / exhibition period 5000 / 10000 copies 5000 / 1000 20000 / exhibition period 2000 yuan / page

Other advertisements
Double arch Colored flag Banners Inkjet painting Ribbon Flower basket Air glider
5000 / piece 50 / side 2000 / piece 8000 / surface 500 / piece 500 / piece 6000 / 30 min
9? Notes for registration

After receiving the confirmation letter, the organizing committee shall arrange the exhibition according to the principle of registration first, payment first and determining the booth first. For enterprises that fail to pay as required, the organizing committee has the right to change their booths.
* organizing committee account number:
? Account Name: Linyi new modern advertising media Co., Ltd
? Bank of deposit : Yinqueshan sub branch of Shandong Lanshan rural cooperative bank
? Bank account number: 9160 116023 44205 0002 654
[contact information of Organizing Committee]
Enterprise registration Liu mi Mobile phone: 18954985321 Telephone: 0539-7205858
Audience registration : Zhang Yuanyuan Mobile phone: 13256500100 Telephone :0539-3106232
Email: 2307358979@qq.com Fax: 0539-7205859
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